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A GPS Device Can Help Save Your Life

You can never guess what to expect on the road whether driving to work or taking a road trip for the holidays, so prevention is always better than cure.

You need to prepare for anything that comes your way and a GPS device can help you do so. TomTom has a few tips on how you can reach your destination safely.

1.Avoid hijackings and other dangerous situations

You may prefer to look at your map, which means having to stop. This can be dangerous as some areas are high risks for hijacks. With a GPS, you can quickly search for directions and the voice activation offered by many of the latest GPS devices will help make everything easier. Moreover, it can help you avoid congested roads.

2. Don’t worry if you don’t have a signal

Do you know why? Unlike the maps apps on your smartphone, your GPS can function without the Internet.

3. GPS devices check your speed

We are already aware of the amount of accidents that occur on South African roads daily due to speed. Some GPS devices alert you when you’ve reached or exceeded the speed limit, so that you can quickly slow down and avoid any potential accidents.

4. Don’t use your cellphone

This is one of the biggest causes of accidents and deaths on the road. Using a cellphone while driving is highly distracting, extremely dangerous and, according some studies , it is worse than drunk driving. Some GPS devices make sure there’s minimal distraction while driving, as you’re able to pair them with your smartphone via Bluetooth so that you can listen to your messages read out loud. You also get to use simple voice commands to make hands-free calls.

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Source and image: TomTom

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