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7 Uses For Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is therapeutic and so versatile, it can literally be used from top to toe…

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated so just a drop or two is all you need. Incorporate lavender in your life in these seven ways:

  1. Calming – Rub at least two to three drops of lavender oil in your palms, cup them around your nostrils and inhale. This will help calm your mind and brain. And for the body, just rub some oil on your feet, wrists or anywhere for a calming effect.

  2. Sleeping aid – This will also require the cupping and inhalation method, and also rub a drop of oil on your palms and pillow to help you sleep peacefully.

  3. Cuts – Drop lavender oil wherever you have a cut to stop bleeding, clean a wound, and also kill bacteria. You can also use a drop on a cold sore.

  4. Dandruff –  If dandruff is the bane of your existence, rub a few drops of lavender oil into your scalp to help get rid of the problem.

  5. Nausea – If you’re prone to motion sickness or become easily nauseated, you can lessen the symptoms by placing a drop of lavendar oil behind your ears, around your navel and at the end of your tongue.

  6. Dry, chapped skin and sunburned lips – Rub some oil on your skin where it is dry, chapped skin and when you have sunburned lips.

  7. Hay fever – If you feel like you’re coming down with seasonal allergies, rub a drop or two of lavender oil on your palms and inhale deeply.

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