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7 Steps To Strut Those Stilettos!

If you always head for the flat shoes section when shopping with your friends, this is for you …

Do high heels intimidate you so much that you only wear them when absolutely necessary and then throw them into the furthest corner of your closet after the event? Like me, you might suffer from a phobia of wearing high heels! Although it’s too late for me to overcome this phobia, there might still be time to save you if you follow these 7 tips on how walk gracefully in stilettos.

  1. Walk heel to toe

The worst thing you can do when wearing heels, is to put your whole foot down at once like you’re wearing flats. To make your walk look more natural, let your heel go down first followed by your toes.

  1. Take small steps

When you’re wearing heels, your stride will be shorter than normal so to go the same distance, you’ll have to increase your number of smaller steps. Do not try to take your usual long strides!

  1. Slow down

Don’t rush! Trying to walk quickly in heels usually looks quite awkward. With the smaller steps and the compromised balance, it’s best to just take your time. Walking slowly gives of an air of confidence.

  1. Make sure your shoes fit

Walking naturally in heels that don’t fit you properly is impossible. For a better fit, use shoe pads if your heels are too big, if they are too small, visit your cobbler (shoe repairman) and have them stretched or go back to store and request the correct size.

  1. Practise at home before walking in public

Before you venture out into the public, wear your heels at home first. This will help you make sure that they fit and give you the confidence to walk out in public with your new heels.

  1. Lean back slightly

You might be tempted to walk faster than your heels allow and, to compensate, you end up craning your neck forward. Allow yourself to lean back slightly when walking in heels to counteract your need to lean forward.

  1. Visualise yourself walking in a straight line

You’ll walk more gracefully if your focus is on the goal point instead of looking at your heels as you walk.

As the saying goes, ‘Behind every successful woman is a fabulous pair of shoes …’

Image: Pixabay

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