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6 Signs Your Partner Is Fond Of You

It’s not easy finding a partner who loves you unconditionally and who wants to settle down with you, making you even more eager to hang on to them when you do.

If you’ve just met someone, the following six signs will help you to establish just how fond of you they are:

  1. He caters to your needs. Your happiness is his priority; he listens to your crazy work stories, gives you massages and cooks dinner for you when you’re tired.

  2. He wants to spend time with you. Does he text you every day, pop in at your workplace just to say hi or make time to see you? If you’ve said yes to any one of these, the chances are he really does care about you.

  3. Sex isn’t the most important thing. Sex is great, but if they want to do other things with you such as travel, go to the movies or just spend time talking, it’s a sure sign he is in it for the long haul.

  4. He doesn’t flirt with other people. You don’t have to monitor his every move because he only has eyes for you.

  5. He shows you off and isn’t afraid to introduce you to his family and friends.

  6. He makes you feel special by treating you like a queen, not because you force him to, but because he wants to see you smile.

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