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5 Men Not to Date in 2017

It’s a new year for a reason, new everything! This means you shouldn’t associate with people and things that waste your time, including men. If you’ve been on a date or two or three only to be disappointed every time, here are five types of men you should leave in 2016, where they belong:

  1. Mr Hot and Cold – He likes you one minute and the next minute he pretends there is nothing really going on between the two of you. Get rid of him! Confront him first about blowing hot and cold, no one wants to be loved in private and be treated like a stranger in public. Say “NO!” to indecisive men.

  2. Body shamers – “You’re so fat you need to lose some weight or you’re so skinny you need to gain some meat.” No one has a right to make you feel bad about your body shape or body type. So girl, tell your boy BYE!

  3. Mr Over-Romantic – We all wish for a romantic man but some can be a bit more romantic than others – too much so. Relationships don’t always feel like a fairy tale, so if your man only comes with rose-tinted glasses, get out before it tires you out!

  4. He calls or texts when he is free – Are you always the one to call and text, only to get a response two or three days later? Or do you have to wait for him to make time in his busy schedule to see you? Even worse, he only gets in touch when he needs something from you? Ditch him before he breaks your heart.

  5. He makes you feel bad about everything – The man who spoils you only to hold it against you in an argument is not giving for the right reasons. You don’t want to always feel guilty every time he does something nice for you, so give him the heave-ho.

If you happen to meet any of these five men in 2017, girl, tell that boy goodbye!

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