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5 Factors Which Could Be Contributing To A Lifestyle Hangover

Whether we know it or not, most of us are probably suffering from a “lifestyle hangover” unknowingly. And our ‘normal’ lifestyle could be the main contributing factor.

This is when a combination of unhealthy eating, environmental pollution, the use of chronic or acute medicine, being overweight and everyday stress puts strain on our hardworking liver, leading to reduced liver function and putting our long- term health at risk.

This may be caused by five major contributing factors:

Unhealthy eating: A poor diet can affect the functioning of your liver. Research suggests that excessive consumption of salt, sugar, alcohol and saturated fats (often found in fast food and processed foods) overloads the liver. When consumed in excess, or even occasionally, they can damage the liver.

Environmental toxins, pesticides and air pollution: Exposure to toxins is unavoidable. These include workplace chemicals, traffic fumes from engines, air and water pollution and pesticides. The liver is extremely susceptible to chemical injury.

Chronic and acute medications: Many of us need to take medications to manage health conditions or to treat illness, infection or pain. However, commonly-used drugs ranging from antibiotics, chronic medications, over- the-counter medications and even more natural herbal formulas can affect liver functioning.

Being overweight: Struggling to lose those extra kilos could signify a strained liver. If you seem to be carrying excess weight, especially around the belly, no matter your diet, or how much exercise you do, your liver may be red-flagging you.

Everyday stress: A fast-paced lifestyle and the daily pressures of life could be putting your liver at risk. Chronic stress is detrimental to liver health. Elevated cortisol increases appetite and fat storage, plus, when stressed, you may eat badly and consume more sugar.

The liver performs over 500 vital functions. This includes removing toxins; filtering blood; storing glucose for energy; digesting fats; absorbing vitamins and minerals and assisting in the regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin, hormones, immunity, and cholesterol production. A healthy liver is absolutely crucial for maintaining good health.

The toll on your liver from a combination of lifestyle factors may result in inflammation, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease); toxic liver disease (hepatitis) or permanent liver scarring (cirrhosis) which could lead to liver cancer and even liver failure.

Symptoms of a distressed liver can include weakness, fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, nausea, skin problems, impaired immunity, aches and pains, dry eyes, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, aggression or depression, insomnia, allergies and PMS. When the liver is overworked, toxic residues can build up, causing inflammation that’s strongly associated with obesity. Even If your liver is dangerously strained and in the early stages of liver disease, you could have no symptoms at all.

But the good news is you are able to fortify this vital, regenerative organ by fighting the factors that contribute to a lifestyle hangover.

Firstly, decrease salt, sugar and saturated fat and eat more fruits, vegetables and healthy fats from fish and nuts. Do more exercise and be less sedentary. Limit chemicals by opting for natural alternatives in your home. Wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly; grow your own or buy organic when possible. Monitor air quality--consider an indoor filtering system and avoid busy roads. And, manage your stress levels by exercising, carving out some me-time or finding a hobby.

Also consider adding Liver C3 to your arsenal of liver support. Using the very latest research, Liver C3 has been formulated to treat your “lifestyle hangover” by combining the most effective herbal extracts and bioavailable ingredients: milk thistle, turmeric and BioPerine. These potent powerhouses may enhance, protect and support your liver, repair damage and may restore optimal function.

Liver C3 is an essential element of your health protocol. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear. Rather, prevent possible liver disease. This daily supplement may help to preserve and enhance your liver’s ability to deal with the inevitable daily demands of your lifestyle. Cope with your “lifestyle hangover” by ensuring your liver is performing optimally with Liver C3.

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