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20 Ways To Look Fly In The Sky

A long flight can leave you looking a little worse for wear, as it dehydrates the body, so how can you maintain your healthy glow and disembark ready for the runway?

HomingPIN comes to the rescue with these 20 tips…

  1. First and foremost, dose up on vitamins before flying to support your immune system, as you may come into contact with germs on the airplane.

  2. Make sure your skincare products are in the correctly sized containers if you are travelling internationally.

  3. Apply serum under your moisturiser before leaving home for the airport, to help lock in moisture.

  4. Your skin does not get a great deal of oxygen while flying, so be sure to wear moisturiser and an eye serum and don’t be shy to touch these up during a long-haul flight.

  5. Use a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid to reduce water loss.

  6. Don’t forget about your lips. Pop in a moisturising lip balm.

  7. Even though you are on a plane you still need to wear an SPF, especially if you are in a window seat.

  8. Wear a minimum amount of makeup for long-haul flights and if you’re brave enough, remove your makeup in the evening.

  9. Pack wet wipes or a hand sanitiser to keep your hands clean, as you are constantly touching items and then your skin.

  10. Pack a good hand lotion.

  11. Wear a headscarf to keep your hair from getting tangled and messy.

  12. Pack a mini hairbrush or tangle teezer.

  13. Wear antiperspirant, as there’s nothing worse than a smelly passenger.

  14. Please brush your teeth.

  15. Take Garlict to beat garlic breath, if necessary.

  16. Try and get some beauty sleep so pack an eye mask.

  17. For comfort, pack a travel pillow or your own pillow.

  18. If you haven’t been able to sleep and have watched endless movies, then eye creams and eye drops are very handy to soothe eyes.

  19. Once you land, look your best by applying your travel-friendly makeup.

  20. Drink lots of water throughout the flight to stay hydrated. Remember, alcohol dehydrates the body!

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