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20 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World

If you believe women are considered beautiful only if they’re light in complexion, honey, have we got news for you! Dusky girls are winning and are here to slay!

The word ‘dusky’ refers to a female with a naturally have a dark skin colour, a strikingly black beautiful woman. According to iBuzz, a ‘dusky complexion makes a woman look real, achievable and sensuous without looking unattainable and plastic. A dark-looking women looks earthly and identifiable rather than ethereal or angelic, they have an aura of exoticness’.

In celebrating dark-skinned women and letting them shine, iBuzz has compiled a video of 20 not-so-famous dusky girls who are not only beautiful but also ‘confident and provide young girls with words of encouragement to embrace the skin they’re in’.

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