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12 Tips For Your Holiday Road Trip

Good Friday is almost here and with it comes chocolate bunnies, hot cross buns and one of the busiest weekends on Mzansi’s roads.

With all the celebrations happening around us, it is important to do a safety check before setting off on any road journey. Budget Rent a Car shares some tips to make sure you arrive at your destination safe and relaxed:

  1. Book your baby in for a checkup at the doctor! Schedule a full-service check just before you embark on your trip to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy.

  2. Pump it up! Make sure that you have the correct tyre pressure in all your tyres. Follow the amount of pressure your car manufacturer recommends. This should be listed on the driver’s side door, in the glove compartment, or in the owner’s manual.

  3. Check your treads. You should always check the condition of your tyres’ tread, bearing in mind that the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm.

  4. Now you see me, now you don’t! Ensure that your windscreen wiper blades are not worn out, as this will affect your vision while driving. Use your headlights during the day to increase visibility.

  5. Can I see some ID? Check that your vehicle license disc is up to date and visible. Always carry a valid driver’s license when you are driving.

  6. Ditch the extra baggage. Pack smart to make sure the weight of your luggage is balanced across the vehicle and check your car’s load capacity to make sure you aren’t overloading the car.

  7. Be ready for anything. Keep an emergency kit in your car to ensure you are prepared for a mechanical breakdown (tyre changing kit) or injury (first aid kit). Also, ensure you check the weather forecast before you head off.

  8. Charge it up. Always make sure your cell phone is charged and that you have roadside assistance contact information on hand.

  9. Strap in. Be wary on the road and ensure that you and your passengers are wearing seatbelts.

  10. Be a good sport. Rather give way and exercise caution by not overtaking on blind spots or barrier lines. This can go a long way to ensuring that you and your family arrive safely.

  11. No phone zone. Never talk on a mobile phone without using a hands-free kit.

  12. Slow and steady wins the race! Stick to the speed limit – you are out of the rat race so enjoy a comfortable cruise to your destination.

Source: Budget Rent a Car. Images: Pixabay

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