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10 Ways To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

Most people invest in a pair or two of new sunglasses during the festive season – ‘tis the season to look fabulous, after all!

Buying sunglasses shouldn’t only be about looking good or making a fashion statement. A good pair of sunglasses has to block harmful UV rays and protect your eyes and eyelids. Mellins i-Style has the following tips to assist you in choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses:

  1. UV light protection – Look for sunglasses that block at least 99 to 100 percent of UV rays or offer UV400 protection.

  2. Yellow lenses – These are also called blue blockers because they block all blue light. The eye perceives the surroundings in a yellowish tint. The benefit is better contrast for very distant objects, especially on a cloudy day. Best suited for skiers, hunters, sailors and pilots.

  3. Polarised lenses – The lenses block diffused light, such as sunlight reflected off water surfaces or the pavement. They are particularly useful for driving, fishing and when spending time on the water or at the beach, as they reduce glare.

  4. Mirror lenses – These reduce the quantity of light reaching the eye but do not offer any protection from UV radiation.

  5. Side protection – Sunglasses with this feature protect the eyes from light entering from the sides.

  6. Gradient tint lenses – The lenses are dark-coloured in the upper part of the spectacles and lighter towards the bottom, therefore they block the glare from above, but permit normal downward vision for the eyes. They are useful for drivers, but are not recommended for the beach because a strong glare can come from below.

  7. Photochromatic lenses – These darken automatically when it is bright and lighten when it is dark. Depending on the UV radiation and the temperature, the change in tint can be very quick.

  8. Wrap-around lenses – These help protect your eyes from the side.

  9. Choose comfort – Opt for sunglasses with a comfortable fit, so that you can wear them for long periods if necessary.

  10. Be guaranteed – Buy the best quality that you can afford from a reputable retailer. Cheap sunglasses won’t always offer your eyes the necessary protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays and save your vision.

Source: Mellins i-Style

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