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10 Things Your Partner Does To Show They Love You

Knowing that your partner really loves you goes beyond saying ‘I love you’. It’s the subtle gestures and behaviours they do that will show you just how much you mean to them.

If you want to be certain of your partner’s feelings, stop listening to their words for a while and start observing their actions – big and small. When you can find a balance between what their mouth is saying, how their body is reacting and what their hands are doing, then you can be sure you are headed for the love shack!

These 12 pointers suggest that your partner is a keeper:

  1. They give you foot massage after a long day at work.

  2. They make you breakfast in bed.

  3. They know what you need with just one look.

  4. They take interest in your fashion and beauty choices.

  5. They cook for you.

  6. They make an effort to get along with your friends, even when they don’t actually like them.

  7. When you mention something you like, they take a hint and make sure you get it.

  8. They understand when you need some time alone and give you space without asking any questions.

  9. They say you’re perfect, even after you just woke up.

  10. They send you a text just to let you know they’re thinking about you.

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