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10 Things To Teach Your Daughter

A positive pregnancy test changes a lot of things, other than just your body image. Your outlook on life begins to change and you begin to prioritise things you never thought were important, such as things to teach your daughter one day.

While some people start decorating a nursery in pink princess themes the moment they find out they expecting a girl, others might prefer to wait a while and then pass on a few valuable life, beauty and fashion lessons they wished their mothers had taught them when they were younger. If you’re a mother-to-be trying thinking about what to teach your mini-you, Leah Froehle’s 101 Things I will Teach My Daughters will definitely help. We selected our favourite top ten to get you going:

1.Always wear a sunscreen and a hat when basking in the sun – protect that beautiful skin!

2. Avoid a certain type of man – any man that doesn’t treat you like a lady.

3. Read more books. (Avoid social media)

4. It is okay to wear heels when you are tall.

5. No one can cook better than your mother.

6. Walk with your head up.

7. When you break down, it doesn’t mean you’re weak.

8. Laugh until you are breathless when you’re with your friends.

9. If it is worth fighting for, fight wholeheartedly and fiercely.

10. People will sometimes let you down.

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