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10 Stages Of A Long Run

There seems to be a number of people pounding the streets lately to keep fit, lose weight or just to post an update for people on social networks to see.

These long runs are never easy, no matter how well conditioned you think you are, and every stage presents highs and lows for the individual.

How you feel during your first 5km run.

When you’re on top of your game and suddenly you need the bathroom.

Halfway through your run and you think you’re on fire!

When you reach that difficult stretch that makes you hate your playlist.

When you hit the dreaded wall …

However, you manage to keep going …

You start thinking about what you are going to eat as soon as you cross the finish run.

When you remember that GU you brought along to refuel.

How you feel towards the end of your run …

How you feel the day after your run!

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