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10 Silly Signs You’re Falling In Love

Stressing over a text message before you send it, sweaty hands, a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach and that smile that just pops out of nowhere when no one is looking. These are some of the signs you could be falling in love.

Falling in love can be terrifying yet exciting because everything feels new all over again. These signs will help you confirm if you’re really and truly head over heels…

  1. You only think about them.

  2. You only spend your free time with them.

  3. Everything around you reminds you of them.

  4. You don’t want to mess things up.

  5. You don’t mind making small sacrifices or doing favours for them.

  6. You get butterflies in your stomach when a text message from them pops up on your phone screen.

  7. They’ve become your drug of choice.

  8. Sex is no longer a physical activity, but an intimate thing.

  9. Nothing and no one else really matters anymore … except maybe for your family.

  10. You worry about messing things up.

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