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10 Reasons We’re No Longer Friends

Friendships, like relationships, don’t always last for varied reasons. It could be that the relationship was toxic, you’ve grown apart or they’ve hooked up with your partner.

I have also lost a couple of friendships for similar reasons and, although it was painful, disappointing and also frustrating, it freed me. The list below is a combination of all the things I went through during these relationships, how I feel now and what actually caused me to blocked them out of my life.

  1. You got a boyfriend and that’s all you talk about.

  2. You seldom called, texted or reached out to me and when you did, it was always about you.

  3. You don’t put effort into making plans to do things or meet up with me.

  4. You never asked how I feel.

  5. I couldn’t call you whenever I had an emergency.

  6. You were always competing. I constantly felt like I need to try and impress you.

  7. You didn’t take me seriously.

  8. You made backhanded compliments that make me feel bad about myself.

  9. I didn’t feel comfortable telling you certain things about my life because I knew you’d be prejudiced and would tell mutual friends.

  10. You betrayed me.

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