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10 Qualities Of A Successful Relationship

Do you ever look at an elderly couple and think you’d be lucky to be just like them one day. Relationships have nothing to do with luck, but it depend on the work you put in.

When both parties continuously put an effort in their relationship, it will have a better chance of lasting a lifestime. In order for a relationstip to be strong, there are certain qualities that both you and your partner should have:

1.     Friendship. If you and your partner don’t share a deeper bond that goes beyond romance, your relationship doesn’t have a solid foundation on which you can build.

2.     Respect. When a relationship is not built on mutual respect, it will become unhealthy and one-sided. Be open about your thoughts, beliefs, concerns and needs, and respect your partner’s too.

3.     Affection. After a while you will become comfortable with your partner, but this doesn’t mean you must neglect conversation. A simple ‘I love you’ goes a long way and if you’re not this type, you can just touch your partner once in a while when you’re together or speaking.

4.     Trust. Successful relationships are based on mutual trust.

5.     Honesty. Keeping secrets or being deceptive will damage your relationship. You should be able to share anything with your partner to receive the kind of love and support you need.

6.     Support. Be each other’s cheerleader. Encourage each other’s dreams and goals, and always congratulate them when they achieve something.

7.     Intimacy. Intimacy is not only about sex; it involves a deeper understanding of your partner and is closely linked to trust, friendship and honesty.

8.     Unconditional love.  While you may assert boundaries in your relationship, your love shouldn’t be conditional or have terms. Yes, your partner will disappoint you and vice versa, but forgiveness is crucial to relationship success.

9.     Teamwork. Support each other as if you were teammates, after all it takes two to make a relationship. 10.  Playfulness. Enjoy the serious moments, but balance these with lighthearted, playful ones.

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