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10 Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

Poor circulation in the feet and legs is one of the problems facing diabetic and is characterised by leg pain and leg cramps.

If not attended to, poor circulation can result in chronic ulcers, numbness and, in severe cases, gangrene, which can necessitate amputation of the affected limb. Recharge Your Feet has 10 tips on how you can take care of your feet if you’re diabetic:

  1. Exercise is important to enhance circulation.

  2. If possible, raise your feet when you are sitting down.

  3. Check your feet every day for swelling, abrasions and red spots.

  4. Check your feet for “cold areas” (a sign of poor circulation).

  5. Check your feet for “hot areas” (a sign of infection).

  6. Make sure your foot hygiene is of a high standard.

  7. Dry your feet well after bathing, showering or swimming.

  8. Apply a good natural cream to the feet every day.

  9. Wear comfortable shoes that do not pinch the feet or toes.

  10. Keep toenails trimmed and file sharp edges.

For more information, visit Recharge Your Feet.

Source: Recharge Your Feet. Image: Pixabay

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